7 Day Detox


I created a 7 day detox program that will be launching in 2 weeks! I am so excited! I started the detox today and decided I will post daily how the detox is going for me. I love to do detoxes every now and then because they reboot my system & make me feel clean and energized! When doing detoxes you can also expect weight-loss, craving reductions, eliminate bloat, & increased energy.

I am trying to eliminate coffee from my diet. It is one of my poorer habits I still haven’t shaken. To me mornings are just so lovely to sit down with a cup of joe and read. Through this detox I plan to kick the coffee habit. Tea has personally never been able to replace coffee but by doing this detox I will see if I can do it once and for all!

Today has been great so far! Surprisingly I have not felt the need for my coffee. I kind of missed it this morning but was able to let it go. I love this detox plan because you never experience hunger! When you think of detox, do you think of starvation and fainting? Well detoxes are possible without these side effects!



I hate the FDA’s MyPlate for Nutrition Guidelines.
#1 Ignores the fact that some people don’t eat grains, dairy, meat, etc. We are all individuals who have different nutrition needs.
#2 Veggies are not central to the plate
#3 It includes dairy as a necessity.
#4 No water

So, I made my own. I use this concept when coaching my clients. NOBODY is perfect, we all need a little sin in our life and diets.

Defeat Sweets


Yesterday I gave a workshop on sugar at Nature’s Nutrients. It was so much fun to share with people who were excited to learn about nutrition and sugar cravings! I want to thank everyone who attended and look forward to my next workshop and meeting more new faces!

I love my job.

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