Eliminate Household Chemicals with Water




So I finally broke down and purchased a steam mop by Shark.

I have been looking into steam mops/cleaners for a while now. They typically range from $60 – $175 and are so worth it! I just tested mine out today and it is amazing! I have been on slowly detoxing our home of toxic chemicals and decided rather than testing out a bunch of “natural” cleaners, I am going to try using a steam cleaner.

This mop has a handheld attachment you can use to steam anything from your children’s toys to bathtubs and kitchen countertops.

It is so refreshing to know I never need to find a cleaning solution for almost everything in my home.







White Chocolate

I haven’t posted anything in a while! I have been so busy with my new detox program and my clients, and 5 family members birthdays this month!

I have been working on the perfect white chocolate recipe and I almost have it right. I will have it finalized by Friday or Saturday, so I wanted to give you a heads up on the ingredients needed.

Cacao ButterCashews, Vanilla, Stevia, (possibly banana), 100% Maple Syrup

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7 Day Detox


I created a 7 day detox program that will be launching in 2 weeks! I am so excited! I started the detox today and decided I will post daily how the detox is going for me. I love to do detoxes every now and then because they reboot my system & make me feel clean and energized! When doing detoxes you can also expect weight-loss, craving reductions, eliminate bloat, & increased energy.

I am trying to eliminate coffee from my diet. It is one of my poorer habits I still haven’t shaken. To me mornings are just so lovely to sit down with a cup of joe and read. Through this detox I plan to kick the coffee habit. Tea has personally never been able to replace coffee but by doing this detox I will see if I can do it once and for all!

Today has been great so far! Surprisingly I have not felt the need for my coffee. I kind of missed it this morning but was able to let it go. I love this detox plan because you never experience hunger! When you think of detox, do you think of starvation and fainting? Well detoxes are possible without these side effects!

Tip for Lemons

Lemons are much cheaper when you buy them in bulk.

A bag at trader joes costs about $1.50

When the lemons look like they are approaching their last days, (who can use a whole bag of lemons?) I freeze their juice in ice cube trays! They are great to add to smoothies.


I Love Pets, Not their Hair

I have always loved animals. These are my two fur-balls Meeko and Duffy.

My Two Furballs

Jon says I always manage to pick out the fluffiest animal possible. But we can’t stand all the pet hair! Nothing is professional about walking into a room looking like a ball of fur and lint. I have bought the Mr Sticky, Lint Roller after  Lint Roller, special vacuums, and thank you pledge for finally releasing a product that works!

This little contraption is the best invention ever. Just swipe along any fabric material and it picks up the hair! What is even better is it is reuasable. I use it in my car, on my bed, my couches, and my clothes. If you have a pet you must buy this! Out of every store I found it at Lowes.


Eziekel Bread vs Whole Wheat Bread Products


Why is Eziekel Bread Better than other products out there?

Of course making your own bread at home is always the best, but Ezekiel is the next best thing you can buy at a store. This sprouted bread can be found in the frozen food section of your local supermarket. There are other brands of sprouted bread out there as well.

#1 This bread is frozen because it has a short shelf life. Why? ZERO preservatives or chemicals added.

#2 Sprouted wheat means more protien.

#3 Here is the Nutrition Facts, way better than other bread products..


#4 The Company’s Claims:

In addition to all the vital benefits you’ll receive from spouted foods, we at Food for Life, craft our food to promise you even more integrity.

  • We use only freshly sprouted certified organic live grains.
  • Our products are kosher.
  • We use absolutely no flour. Studies have shown that grinding grains into flour increases the surface area upon which enzymes in the body can work to more. quickly convert starch into glucose.
  • We don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • We don’t use refined sugars. When sugar is refined and processed there are many harmful ingredients that are added to the sugar as a result. Instead, we use malted barley, a natural sweetener produced from sprouted barley, which is basically a carbohydrate comprised mostly of complex carbohydrates rather than the “sugar” carbohydrates.
  • We don’t use anything artificial – no preservatives or shortenings.
  • We use a unique slow-bake process to preserve the natural fiber and bran benefits of grains.

#5 I can pronounce everything on the label! (rare in America these days):

Organic Sprouted Wheat, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet,
Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans,
Organic Sprouted Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea

Source: foodforlife.com


Bentley’s First Bite!


Bentley had his first bite of cereal today!


We found organic whole grain cereal. I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to find a good cereal for him, but this stuff is great! No GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides for this little guy!

When we went to the store to buy Bentley BPA free spoons and cereal for his first chow down I found spoons that change colors for hot and cold. I couldn’t help but think of what chemical is in that spoon causing it to change colors. I have tried researching it but just found confusing jargon on the chemical compounds that are created to make a spoon do this.

How is it necessary? Just stick your finger in it to see if it is hot? I’ll rely on my finger over plastic to tell me if my food is okay for the little man, thank you. 🙂