A Personal Epiphany on Death and Mother Earth



I have been hesitant to post this because it is not one of my more typical posts but here we go..

As I drove by a cemetery this weekend, I noticed the large amount of space that death was consuming on our earth. Death is not filled with abundance, bliss, or joy, yet it is buried all around us. Miles of headstones, titled with reminders of our loved ones last day spent with us on earth. These reminders endorse a day of suffering rather than prosperity.

Personally, I want to be remembered for the life I lived, not the day I depart. I have asked my family to spread my ashes around the world to become one with mother earth. Don’t isolate me in a casket assembled from her beloved trees. The part of me that is left wants to be full of light, not be succumbed to the darkness of the cold hard ground.
I have always known I want to be cremated, but a new vision over took me as I passed this cemetery. What will happen? What if every person to pass is buried in earth’s soil?
I ask my family with new eyes, don’t bury my death in the ground. I don’t want my death to occupy part of the small precious space that is left on our earth. I don’t want a place for people to visit me with tears, reminded of the day I die. Visit me in a place filled with nourishment that brings abundance, bliss, and joy.
So when I die, don’t plant my death, plant a garden instead. Allow new life that nourishes others to grow in my place. Don’t title me with a tombstone that is decorated with flowers left to wilt. Instead cultivate a garden filled with life to acknowledge the days I thrived.
So why not instead plant something to remember our loved ones. Plant a garden, a flower, a plant, or a tree. I ask my family not to bury me.
Photo Credit: http://lookitsgareth.deviantart.com/art/Stellawood-Cemetary-HDR-181824711

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