Red Velvet Soft Serve


When I made the Red Velvet Brownies, I decided to freeze a few and try making a yonana with them. Yumm!! Sprinkle a bit of cacao on top, and you are good to go! I thought this was way better than the brownies by themselves. Jon was not a fan of the brownies, but loved the yonana version.

If you haven’t heard me rave about the yonanna yet, I will again. This is the BEST appliance ever! No one believes me until they purchase one. Everyone says, “how have we ever lived without this?” It takes frozen bananas and turns them into soft serve goodness.

I am missing these now that I am talking about them while doing my detox….

My detox has been great so far. I am still craving coffee, but this morning (Day 3) after I had a few sips of tea it went away! Yesterday I craved coffee all day long, it was not nice. So I am excited that the craving is gone this morning.



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