Eziekel Bread vs Whole Wheat Bread Products


Why is Eziekel Bread Better than other products out there?

Of course making your own bread at home is always the best, but Ezekiel is the next best thing you can buy at a store. This sprouted bread can be found in the frozen food section of your local supermarket. There are other brands of sprouted bread out there as well.

#1 This bread is frozen because it has a short shelf life. Why? ZERO preservatives or chemicals added.

#2 Sprouted wheat means more protien.

#3 Here is the Nutrition Facts, way better than other bread products..


#4 The Company’s Claims:

In addition to all the vital benefits you’ll receive from spouted foods, we at Food for Life, craft our food to promise you even more integrity.

  • We use only freshly sprouted certified organic live grains.
  • Our products are kosher.
  • We use absolutely no flour. Studies have shown that grinding grains into flour increases the surface area upon which enzymes in the body can work to more. quickly convert starch into glucose.
  • We don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • We don’t use refined sugars. When sugar is refined and processed there are many harmful ingredients that are added to the sugar as a result. Instead, we use malted barley, a natural sweetener produced from sprouted barley, which is basically a carbohydrate comprised mostly of complex carbohydrates rather than the “sugar” carbohydrates.
  • We don’t use anything artificial – no preservatives or shortenings.
  • We use a unique slow-bake process to preserve the natural fiber and bran benefits of grains.

#5 I can pronounce everything on the label! (rare in America these days):

Organic Sprouted Wheat, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet,
Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans,
Organic Sprouted Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea

Source: foodforlife.com



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