Beta Potatas and Baby Gets What Baby Wants


For a snack yesterday I had a rutabaga and potatoes that Jon made for us while I was working.
It takes approx 20 minutes.

And Bentley is such a good baby…normally.

Last night We went to fresno and Bentley was into getting his way not the highway on our way home. He was so upset so we pulled over, had a police officer stop and ask us questions which resulted in more screaming.
So Jon got out of the car with Bentley and what happens? He was perfectly fine and crying stops. He wanted to be held while standing.
So here we are at night on the side of the road walking around in circles with Bentley..

Beta Potatas Recipe
what’s in it?
4 medium potatoes
2 rutabagas
1 bell pepper
1 red onion

what he did

1. Slice potatoes and rutabaga in uniform strips
2. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil on medium-high heat
3. When oil is hot put in potatoes and rutabagas only
4. Mix to coat in oil.
5. Cover pan for approx. 2 minutes and stir. Repeat this process once the potatoes are halfway cooked. This took about 10 minutes.
6. Add bell peppers and red onions. Repeat the cover process every two minutes again.
if you to notice burning, stir more often
7. Season to taste and add 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic.

There was enough for breakfast the next morning which we heated and added in some eggs



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