Brown Rice Crackers!

So I have made two batches of brown rice crackers so far and they both turned out delicious!


My mom has been into making crackers recently so I decided to give it a try.
Well..sorry mom but Jon (my fiancé) says I got you beat!

Making crackers is a long baking (not work) process so you need to be home for a while to do it.

Soak your brown rice overnight for 24 hours as it helps digestion.
Cook rice according to package directions.

Batch #1 Ingredients
3 cups of Brown Rice
1/4 cup of brown rice flour
Drizzle some olive oil
Rosemary, Basil, Salt, and Garlic Powder
Sun Dried Tomatoes

Batch #2 Ingredients
2 cups of Brown Rice
No flour
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Rosemary, Basil, Salt, and Garlic Powder
Drizzle some olive oil

Cooking for Both Batches
1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees
I always forget to preheat the oven..I don’t know why..
2. Process everything in a food processor.
3. Lay wax paper on a baking sheet and pour dough (super sticky) on paper.
4. Take another sheet and flatten and roll out the dough.
5. If it is thick and you can’t get it to thin out enough (thinner is crispier and takes less time..your preference) start baking it and about 20 minutes into baking take it out
and roll it out again. It gets thinner and easier once cooked a lil bit.
6. Can take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours to bake so check on crackers until they are crunchy!

I topped my crackers with hummus and leftover spaghetti squash.


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