The Truth Behind General Mills’ “Whole Grain” Label


To many moms General Mills’ Cereals can seem harmless because the box says they have whole grains!

Let’s take a look at Lucky Charms, one of the many cereals general mills claims to contain whole grains. They are absolutely brilliant! Their marketing campaign is to advertise that Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cookie Crisp are healthful breakfasts for your children because they contain whole grains. Let us examine Lucky Charms…

1. First ingredient: “Whole Grains” Yes, it may be made from a whole grain, but it has been processed and altered.

2. Corn Syrup. Guess what? Companies are allowed to use High Fructose Corn Syrup and label it as Corn Syrup now.
Most people nowadays know how HFCS is terrible for your health.

3. Dextrose: OSE=SUGAR Dextrose is a sugar made from corn, yet another way our nation has found to add corn to our foods.

4. Calcium Carbonate: fortified calcium

5. Gelatin: a protein substance derived from collagen which is present in parts of animals like the tendons.

6. Artificial Food Dyes: Linked to hyperactivity in children. Avoid artificial food dyes! They have also been linked to cancer… I will be writing an article about them shortly.

7. Trisodium Phosphate: used in cleaning agents as a stain remover and degreaser. How can they put this in our food?

Here is a true whole grain. Can you see the difference. It is in its whole form, unprocessed and no crayola colors.
Try having a breakfast like this one morning. It is so much better for you!


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